What are the costs?

    Membership Cost's

    $64 for registrations on or before September 30th

    $72 for registrations on or before October 31st

    $80 for registrations received after November 1st

    Trip Cost's

    Alpine Valley, Wilmot and Little Switzerland trips are $75.00

    Cascade & Devil's Head are $95.00

    Members who provide a current annual loaded Epic Pass on our trips to Wilmot will receive a $30.00 credit for the trip.  Credit will be issued to your credit card after the trip is reconciled.


    What is a long distance trip?

    Long distance trips are to Cascade and Devil's Head

    The buses for these trips will depart from the Highland Park bus stop ONLY.  Buses depart at 6:30am and will return at 7:00pm.  Lessons are not offered on these trips.  Due to the length of the commute and the increase in the slope at these locations, children must qualify to attend Cascade & Devil's Head trips.  Snowboarders must be Level C or higher and Skiers must be Level 3 or higher.  All children must be 10 years of age or older.  Sorry, there will be no exceptions.


    Where are Friday night trips and who can go?

    Friday night trips to Wilmot

    The bus will depart from the Highland Park stop ONLY.  Departure is at 5:00pm returning at 11:00pm.  Lessons are not offered on these trips and members must be 13 or older and no beginners are allowed to attend.  Currently space is limited to one bus (50 seats). 

    Where are the bus stops?

    Bus Stop Locations

    If you accidentally buy a trip with the wrong bus stop, you can cancel your registration and a credit for that trip will go to your account.  You can then purchase the correct bus stop and use the credit in your account to pay for your registration.  

    How do I sign up for a trip?

    Online Registration

    ALL REGISTRATIONS ARE ON-LINE ONLY.  You must be an active member to enroll for trips.  An annual membership must be purchased for each child using a different email for each account.  If you would like to use the same email for multiple children/accounts, please purchase membership for one child and then call the Snowflake office (Mon.-Fri 9:30-4:30) to set-up and purchase membership for your additional children.   You will use the same email but there will be a separate password for each child.  Once the additional accounts are set-up, you will be able to purchase trips on-line without assistance from the office. 

    When is the registration deadline for a trip?

    Reservation Deadline

    The registration deadline for trips (including Monday trips) is at midnight the Wednesday before the trip.  At 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, if space is available, late registrations will become available for purchase on-line until midnight.  There is a $20.00 late fee charged for registrations placed after the deadline.  Not every bus stop location will have availability for late registrations.  If there are any available spots for the trip, they will be listed on the web on a first-come first serve basis.  

    What if I forget to register and miss the late registration?

    Going Stand-By

    Arrive ready to go at the bus stop you would like to use 30 minutes prior to departure (you must have your snowflake id).  Locate the Snowflake instructor (wearing blue Snowflake jacket) and tell that person that you would like to go stand-by.  Your name will be put on a list, members who purchase the trip will be loaded onto the bus first.  If there are open seats, they will then take stand-by people in the order that they arrived.  Your credit card will be charged for the trip the following business day.  There is a $20.00 late registration fee.   

    What if I need to cancel a trip?

    How to Cancel a Reservation.

    To cancel a trip, please call Williams Ski and Patio at 847-831-4300 Option 6 to speak to snowflake club customer service OR, leave a voice message.  All cancellations will be issued as a credit to your credit card.  Cancellations placed after the sign-up deadline will incur a $20.00 late cancellation fee.  Cancellations will be accepted up to and including the trip date only.  No refunds will be issued for cancellations placed after the trip date.  When leaving a voice message, please speak clearly and slowly so we can process the information correctly.  Please leave the member's first and last name, which trip you are cancelling AND the bus stop location along with your phone number. 

    If we cancel a trip for any reason, a full refund will be processed to your credit card.  Refunds will be issued within 5 business days, you do not need to call the cancellation line.

    What about weather conditions?


    Weather can be very unpredictable during the season.  All of the local area ski resorts have state of the art snowmaking capabilities.  There does not need to be snow on the ground here for us to go skiing or riding so please, do not hesitate to sign up for trips.  We have links to the ski resorts with current weather conditions, directions and much more.  On a rare occasion, weather conditions such as dangerous driving conditions or if the air temperature is not above zero will cause us to cancel a trip.  If you are ever in doubt, please check the Snowflake site or you can also call the store at 847-831-4300, choose option 6 and then option 4 for last minute status of that weeks trip.  

    What do I need to bring on a trip?

    Morning of the Trip

    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.  You will need to have your equipment, your current Snowflake ID, patch, and your registration confirmation page.  Parents please DO NOT leave your child before they have been checked in.  If you are not registered for a trip, you will not be allowed on the bus.  Don’t forget to pack a lunch or bring money to buy your lunch.

    Patches & Photo ID's

    Patches AND ID's must be worn on every trip and at all times.  The back of the id serves as authorization to provide medical treatment should that be necessary.  The patch is our way to quickly identify our members.  Please sew or pin your patches on the upper left sleeve of your jacket.

    Lunch Money

    You may bring your lunch and put it at the white flag table or you can buy lunch at the ski area.  Usually, $15.00-$20.00 is enough to cover lunch.

    What happens when someone is injured?


    In the case of an accident, the parents will be called.  The injured member is taken to the ski hill first aid area and if necessary, we will then drive the member to the local hospital or return the child to his bus stop location.  Your child should know the name of your doctor and your preferred hospital.

    What if you need help while on a trip?

    White Flag Table

    On every Snowflake trip there is a table that is identified by a white flag.  The white flag table is where members can find:

    • ski school letters (patches)
    • announcement sheet with lesson and departure information
    • a clock
    • someone to help with anything!

    It is extremely important that new and younger members are made aware of where to go for help.

    What will I need?

    Snowflake Club Check List (suggested items)

    • Ski or Snowboard Package or Season Rental
    • Waterproof Gloves or Mittens
    • Ski lock
    • Long Underwear
    • Ski Socks
    • Turtleneck
    • Ski Pants
    • Sweater or Fleece
    • Hat or Headband
    • Goggles or Sunglasses
    • Neck Gator
    • Helmet
    • Ski or Snowboard Parka